Better Processes and Smarter Methods Are Our Business

AuthNet, LLC works with physicians, hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers and other medical professionals to deliver faster, easier medical preauthorizations, insurance authorization, and verification.  

Our business is different because we’re committed to the very same end-game as our clients: superior patient care and better business performance. It’s our mission to provide better insurance authorization processes and smarter methods in obtaining medical preauthorizations so that our clients’ goals remain the top priority.

The AuthNet Difference

Our vision is to become the leader in freeing healthcare staff from administrative burden so that they can concentrate more intently on the truly important work of delivering better patient care. Thanks to over 100 years of combined healthcare and medical billing experience, we know that our high-value insurance authorization services allow our hospital and physician clients to do just that.

Now a leading provider of pre-certifications to medical practices across the United States, we’d love to partner with you, too.

Discover the Advantages of Partnering with AuthNet, LLC

  • TALENT &  EXPERIENCE: We recruit only the best insurance authorization specialists to provide you with better, faster, and more efficient insurance verification and authorizations.
  • SUPERIOR SERVICE: We act on your behalf, which means nothing less than excellence will suffice.
  • TRUE ROI: We provide a superior return on investment in outsourcing your workflow’s heaviest tasks. Every dollar you spend on our medical preauthorization services pays you back in time, patient satisfaction and billing efficiency.
  • FLEXIBILITY: No requirements for long-term contracts that needlessly shackle you. We want you to love our service, not be locked into it.

If you are ready to discover the advantages of partnering with the AuthNet, LLC team, get in touch with us today by calling us or contacting us through our website.