As coding complexities and payer requirements for obtaining pre-certification approvals increase, more and more hospitals and health systems find their revenue cycle performance and overhead management locked up in the PA process. The task remains heavily manual and often disjointed, gobbling up time from billing staff, impeding patient access and slowing payment cycles.

With AuthNet, both community hospitals and enterprise health systems have a flexible, responsive partner who can streamline PA workflows, speed decision turnaround times, simplify the patient’s care delivery process.

Available as both a full outsource or supplemental service to your existing staff, AuthNet has you covered:

  • Inpatient Admission Authorizatons
  • Inpatient Surgical, Procedure and Other Service-Based Authorizations
  • Inpatient Lab and Radiology Orders
  • Pain Management – Nerve Blocks, Injections, and More

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Even with a staff of hundreds, insurance coding and precertification can be an incredibly complex system to navigate — definitely more so when your insurance precertification team has to handle so many different departments and specialties, not just the array of different health insurance providers. Hospital and health system billing and coding departments are often understaffed and overworked, making it even harder for your staff to get the ongoing training they need to keep the insurance precertification needs running smoothly on top of the myriad other tasks they need to take on. It’s time to make the process easier and help your health system run more smoothly.


How It Works

AuthNet provides a flexible, easy to use insurance authorization service to fill in the gaps of your current process. Between our software, a secure portal, and our knowledgeable staff, we can handle just about every step of the precertification process after you collect the patient’s information. That’s right, it really can be that easy. Upload a patient’s information and diagnosis, request lab orders, inpatient admission, surgical procedures, pain blocks, or anything else that may need an insurance authorization or preauthorization. Then simply submit a ticket to initiate the precert process with the AuthNet team.

From there, we’ll take over. If more information is needed, we’ll do what we can to collect those details or let you know the insurance provider needs to connect with a member of your medical team. If the authorization is granted, we’ll enter the data accordingly and transmit it back to you via the secure portal. If, on the other hand, an authorization is not granted, we’ll handle any follow-up or appeals. We’ll update files appropriately and get that information back to you in a timely manner. That’s all it takes!


How We Help

Our goal is to provide the tools and knowledgeable staff to help streamline the insurance prior authorization process. By providing a dedicated team to handle medical prior authorization needs, we can help you streamline your billing process. And, better still, our staff isn’t stretched between several different aspects of the healthcare billing process, so we can provide dedicated attention to each case. This means fewer problems with things falling through the cracks and, ultimately, a better patient experience.

Want to learn more about the benefits and how our insurance prior authorization process works? Connect with the AuthNet team today to get the details and try a demo!