3 Reasons To Choose AuthNet

The precertification process can be intensely stressful and time-consuming — not to mention expensive. As an example, for your typical primary care office, it’s estimated that the median amount spent on insurance prior-authorizations is more than $47,000 per full-time physician. When you’re dealing with these kinds of costs, it only makes sense to consider outsourcing. Something has to change, after all. It simply isn’t worth it to spend all that time and money on something that offers no benefit to the function of your office.

Considering this, the next step is to look into various prior-authorization services. AuthNet offers top-tier prior-authorization services, and there are many reasons why we stand apart. This blog will take a look at just a few. Here are three reasons to choose AuthNet for your prior-authorization services.

1. Expertise

The professionals at AuthNet bring you the absolute best service. We provide better insurance authorization processes and smarter methods in obtaining medical preauthorizations so that everything functions better for everyone. We are able to do this because all of our insurance authorization specialists receive thorough training and develop a deep understanding of the pre-authorization process.

It should come as no surprise that the complexities of insurance companies and the authorization process can be difficult to navigate. That is why we only recruit the very best. Our specialists will offer faster and more thorough pre-authorizations than you’ve ever experienced before. We pride ourselves for being true experts in the field, and we are officially a leading provider of pre-authorization to medical practices across the United States. Try out AuthNet services to see for yourself.

2. Return On Investment

As a business, your main motivator for outsourcing the prior-authorization services is so that you can focus on what matters. If you chose a prior-authorization service that didn’t save you time and money, then it certainly wouldn’t be worth it.

You won’t have to worry about that with AuthNet. We are trained to maximize returns on your investment. This most explicitly comes in saving you time and money. But that’s not all you get. One of the most important (if often overlooked) benefits of outsourcing pre-authorization services is the improvements in patient experience. Patients and employees alike will thank you for streamlining the billing process. And, as far as the billing process goes, AuthNet will ensure that your billing errors are minimized as well.

3. No Long-Term Contracts

One of the biggest benefits of AuthNet is that we allow for maximum flexibility on your behalf. We don’t want to tie you down with stressful long-term contracts. We don’t want to pressure anyone or rope anyone into situations that they will later come to regret. In short, we want this process to be great for all parties involved.

AuthNet offers expertise, powerful returns on your investment, and flexible customer experience. If you’re ready for your office to start saving money and time today, then contact AuthNet to learn more. Just like you, we are committed to superior patient care and better business performance.