3 Things You Can Do With the Time AuthNet Saves You

As a healthcare provider, you are no stranger to the amount of time that is consumed by pre-authorization tasks. It sucks up a lot of time, to be sure. But it’s more than just a minor annoyance. When you actually look at the numbers, it can feel downright criminal to realize how much time and how many resources are lost to pre-authorization.

You can expect to lose over 14 hours per provider each and every week from pre-authorization tasks. That’s more than 700 hours a year that you are spending on a bureaucratic task. If you have multiple providers, your office might be spending thousands of hours on pre-authorization services.

But, again, it’s not just time. It’s so much more than that. We’ve written before about the true costs of pre-authorization. It can be incalculable once you start to consider things like patient experience and employee satisfaction. Even in purely monetary terms, however, you’re looking $28,000 in annual costs per provider when you choose to handle pre-authorizations in-house. AuthNet will not only help you save money, but we can improve the entire experience of your office, from employees to patients. So, let’s take a look at what you can do with all that extra time you’ll get!


1. Dedicate It To Improving Patient Experience

If your office is spending, at minimum, 14 hours per week on pre-authorization services, then imagine what could be done if that same amount of time was spent improving patient experience. You could afford to brainstorm ideas with everyone in the office to make things more efficient. You can afford to spend more one-on-one time with patients. You can even afford to offer more flexibility in the hours of your employees, allowing for increases in overall morale.

2. Hire Another Employee

With tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours saved each year, an office could use that money to hire a part-time or full-time employee. Your office could add an employee who’s dedicated to improving office efficiency. As a healthcare provider, you are well-aware of how many offices are stretched thin. Another employee could go a long way in lightening the burden on the office as a whole.

3. Offer More Flexibility To Your Existing Employees

This was hinted at above, but the time and money saved from AuthNet’s pre-authorization services could be used simply to allow your employees more flexibility. The saved money could go toward raises, while the saved time could simply go toward allowing your employees more time to breathe and think things through. This will ultimately save even more money! And, most importantly, it would help make your healthcare service more effective.

Save On Pre-Authorization Services

Ultimately, there are limitless things you can do when you save this kind of time and money. And, again, the biggest benefits are largely immeasurable. Let AuthNet help make your office more efficient. Contact us today to start saving time and money.