Press Release: AuthNet Launches 30-Day Challenge for Prior Authorizations Services

AuthNet Launches 30-Day Challenge for prior authorization & eligibility verification services for healthcare practices, hospitals ACS & diagnostic facilities

The company saves valuable time and overhead costs; speeds patient access to needed healthcare services with outsources pre-certification/pre-authorization services.

Wilmington, DE - February 13, 2019 -- Healthcare providers across the country are feeling the crunch of prior authorization (PA) requirements for important patient care services from referrals and in-office procedures, to surgeries and diagnostic tests. To celebrate attending the 2019 HIMSS event in Orlando, leading provider of outsourced prior authorization services, AuthNet, is stepping up its efforts to help tackle this costly problem with the launch of its 30-Day Challenge: a month-long, risk-free trial program that allows healthcare facilities to test the outsourcing waters and measure real-time cost-savings on PA activities.

A recent AMA survey found a number of alarming insights about the impact that prior authorizations have on healthcare providers trying to obtain them and the patients needing them for access to care:

  • Lost time to submission and repeated fax and phone-based follow-up efforts, nearly 15 hours each week across an average of 30 authorizations per physician
  • 34% of physicians said they employ designated office staff to do nothing but data entry, follow-up and other tasks required to process PAs
  • 92% of physicians surveyed reported that PA requirements often delay patient care
  • Nearly 30% of respondents reported waiting 3 business days or more for PA decisions

AuthNet’s 30-Day Challenge program offers both eligibility verification and prior authorization, or precertification, services. Both standard and “Expedited”, or critical response, requests are available, as well as data entry services, Patient Financial Responsibility estimations, and more - resulting in a number of benefits, including: reduced patient wait times for necessary care, cost-savings and reallocation of valuable staff time, and improved payment cycles and overall reimbursements.

Learn more about enrolling in the risk-free 30-Day Challenge or contact the company directly at 888.506.5008.