Why Choose AuthNet For Medical Billing?

Time is Money

With the ever-increasing breakneck pace of today’s business and medical environments, optimizing your day-to-day activities and responsibilities is of the utmost importance when it comes to timely and accurate turnaround for a variety of processes. Specifically, medical billing can inadvertently take up more of your day than you may have originally planned, completely derailing your timeline for other crucial tasks, engagements, and responsibilities. Consider this: each unique patient has equally unique medical needs, thus necessitating specific actions taken for their medical situation. If you and your medical practice are overburnded with an influx with highly-specified medical billing procedures, this can stall your billing queue, signaling a host of complications not only for you and your practice, but the patients for whom you seek to treat. If a patient’s medical billing is backed up, this further delays offering your high-quality services to another (or more) patient(s), signaling a snowball effect of runaway medical billing issues. Fortunately, AuthNet understands the difficulties and specificity that comes with quality precertification processes, and offers medical billing precertification to keep your medical practice or office running smoothly. Curious about how AuthNet can help you and your business provide unmatched precertification medical billing, in turn creating a better patient experience? Read on to learn more about AuthNet’s services, and how they can aid you and your practice.

Why Choose AuthNet’s Services?

There are numerous precertification specialists providing similar services throughout the States, but no medical prior authorization service offers the unsurpassed professionalism, experience, and client dedication found through AuthNet. Our team of skilled precertification specialists provides you and your practice with quality resources, services, and more. Specifically, AuthNet offers detailed recording of all certification processes, ensuring no steps are missed. Further, this allows you, your practice, and Authnet to review any steps of the precertification process — no matter the point at which you choose to review. This not only allows you and your practice to stay abreast of patients’ medical billing details, but also provides your employees the benefit of performing other tasks while AuthNet confirms patients’ records.

Simply Service

AuthNet is proud to offer numerous services to assist you, your practice, and your patients. Specifically, we at AuthNet pride ourselves in offering these services with a tradition of professional execution, providing only the best in insurance precertification. In doing this, we adhere to strict protocol and rigorous attention to detail. When you choose AuthNet, you’ll be provided with your patients’ type of plan or policy, said policy’s effective starting and termination date, employer and deductible information, benefits coordination, and any other details applicable to you and your patient. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about our pre certification processes, or are curious about how AuthNet can provide you and your practice with optimized medical insurance prior authorization, don’t hesitate to reach out to us; we love hearing from current and future clients, and look forward to assisting you, your practice, and your patients with your future medical precertification needs.