Why Outsourcing Your Pre-Authorizations is Key For Your Medical Practice

Although prior-authorizations are implemented to help with cost-containment, it is also very labor-intensive for health care providers, pharmacists, and patients. They require multiple telephone conversations and letters with supporting documentation, making it expensive and administratively unsustainable for many health care providers. With the number of insurance plans growing and there being more drugs than ever before requiring prior authorizations, it makes it more and more difficult for providers to keep up — and the failure to obtain proper prior authorizations can have a detrimental effect on the income of a practice. In today’s blog, we will be discussing how and why hiring a company to handle your prior authorizations is key to speeding up the prior authorization process, saving your practice and your patients both time and money.

They simplify pre-authorization services.

Considering how much time your staff likely spends on pre-authorizations, it makes no sense to hire someone who is inexperienced with these processes to be in charge of this activity or spend a large amount of time (and money) performing interviews on potential candidates for the position. Instead, when you choose to outsource these services with an expert team in medical billing like AuthNet, you are not only speeding up the process but simplifying it. When you work with our team, all you have to do is enter your patient’s appropriate demographics, diagnosis, and CPT codes into our secure portal which prompts our team to begin the process. Then, our pre-authorization insurance specialists take care of the entire process from start to finish (including follow-ups and appeals) so you don’t have to.

They save you time and money.

Because pre-authorizations are a time-consuming, challenging, and expensive process, many medical practices are choosing to outsource this work altogether to experienced medical billing companies. This will not only save your medical staff time of filling out extensive paperwork and completing this task, but it will save you money as there is less overhead, less in-house training, and fewer mistakes made from the potential of hiring underqualified candidates.

They improve the quality of care for your patients.

When fewer of your staff are focused on medical pre-authorization services for their patients by outsourcing, this helps to free them up to spend more time doing what they do best — taking care of their patients and providing them with the quality care and attention they deserve. This not only allows them to practice what they went through all of that schooling for, but it will also improve the image of your medical practice if your staff are providing more focus on the patients rather than the paperwork. Without the burden of paperwork, this also provides your administrative staff with more time to greet patients as they enter your practice and get to their phone calls quicker, ultimately giving your patients the care they know and trust from your medical practice.

They perform the complete pre-authorization process from start to finish.

That’s right — professional and experienced medical billing teams like the one at AuthNet handle your medical practice’s pre-authorization services from start to finish. Like we said above, all you simply need to do is enter a few pieces of information into our secure portal that we provide you when you enroll in our services, which will then prompt our team to begin the pre-authorization process. Because our main priority is pre-authorization services, we provide quality, efficient, and accurate pre-authorizations for hospitals, private practices, and other medical centers across the United States.

There are fewer requests that fall through the cracks and reduced billing errors.

When you choose to work with AuthNet for your pre-authorization services, you no longer need to worry about whether or not an in-house medical biller or administrative staff member is qualified for the extensive and time-consuming process. Pre-authorization services are what we do, simple as that — which means we are consistently staying up-to-date on changes within insurance providers and equipped with the knowledge to get the correct authorizations for your practice. This helps to reduce any billing errors, rejected claims, and increase reimbursements. This results in a healthier bottom line for your medical practice.

There is no need for pre-authorization trainings.

When you choose to have your pre-authorizations completed in-house, not only will they take up some valuable time and money, but they will also require your practice to have training on all of the new information regarding each insurance provider. Providers such as Medicare, Medicaid, and others are constantly changing their guidelines and requirements, which requires training in order to ensure that these processes are being completed correctly and in compliance with insurance providers. With AuthNet, we are constantly staying up-to-date on any insurance changes in order to ensure that you remain in compliance without worry.


Take The Burden Off Of Your Medical Practice — Call AuthNet Today.

When you choose to work with AuthNet for your pre-authorization services, not only are you hiring a team of extensively trained and highly skilled staff, but you also gain access to a secure, easy-to-use platform that collects and stores all of the demographic information, diagnoses, test results, and other imperative information that you need to have for each patient. This makes it easier than ever to check on the status of each pre-authorization, provide your patient with updates, and ask us any questions you may have along the way. Our secure portal allows you to remain HIPAA compliant and keep each patient’s information well-protected.

If you are interested in taking the burden of pre-authorizations off of your medical staff, try out a free demo of our pre-authorization services with AuthNet! Simply request a demo with us today and one of our staff will reach out to you as soon as possible.