Why Precertification Is Invaluable

How AuthNet Makes Your Job Smoother

The medical field is one of the most demanding, draining, and rewarding professions out there. In a field where anything can happen and there’s rarely a dull moment, ensuring that processes and day-to-day tasks continue smoothing without running aground. And while unforeseen medical emergencies can derail your and your staff’s daily happenings, choosing to outsource your medical billing to AuthNet ensures that, no matter what your patients’ most immediate needs, you medical billing processes are taken care of. This affords you and your practice to continue caring for and treating patients without the added stress of scrambling to delve into the often hefty load of medical billing. With AuthNet’s unsurpassed quality concerning medical precertification, you’ll never have to worry about whether or not your patients’ medical billing has been taken care of. Curious about why choosing AuthNet for your prior authorization services is not only in your best interest but also your patients’? Continue reading to learn more about how AuthNet’s tried and trusted track record can work for you and your medical practice.

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Face Time

While it’s rare that a physician will spend much (or any) time at all with the medical billing processes, s/he relies on other medical professionals in various capacities throughout the day to offer support and assistance for a number of practices and procedures. If medical billing becomes backed up, this can spill into other areas of your medical practice or health organization, resulting in an inadvertently decreased focus on other, often more pressing, matters. Bluntly, an excess of medical billing paperwork can cause frustrating problems — including less time spent with patients, whether in the hospital bed or at the desk for a consultation. While this is never a good sign, backed up medical billing can, over time, lead to services of a poorer quality, simply due to the fact that moral has dipped because everyone is scrambling to make up for lost time, errors, and other unsavory matters. When you choose AuthNet for your precertification needs, this ensures that your medical billing will never back up to the degree that it negatively impacts your practice and, more importantly, your patients.

Patients, Not Paperwork

More than alliteration, the above statement embodies AuthNet’s dedication to assisting you in providing the best care possible to any patient who walks through your door. When you allow AuthNet to serve you, you’re allowing us to also serve your patients. AuthNet knows medical resources are often limited, particularly in high-volume and rural areas. Outsourcing your medical billing to AuthNet not only allows you more time to spend with patients but saves you money in the long run, as well as offers a reduction in medical billing errors. This isn't to suggest your staff’s work is rife with errors, but with over 100 years of combined medical billing and preauthorization experience, AuthNet is well-suited to offer error-free services, ensuring you and your patients receive the quality you deserve. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about what AuthNet can do for you and your medical practice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.