Physician Practices

Pre-certifications. Prior authorizations. Preauthorizations. Lots of different names for a singular process that can have such significant impacts on a physician practice. Doctors and their staff are feeling the administrative crunch of prior auths more than ever, as coding complexities increase and payers become more detailed about what’s required to obtain approvals for various procedures and referrals.

According to the AMA, nearly half of physicians report that prior auth requests “often or always” hold up care, affecting not only the stress levels of the staff working the requests, but patients who are awaiting much needed care.

AuthNet provides immediate relief, freeing primary care and specialty physicians and their staff to return their attention to patient care and other important administrative responsibilities. Whether you’re scheduling a procedure 60-days out or seeking a stat turnaround time, AuthNet has you covered:

  • Specialist Referrals
  • Surgical, Procedure and Other Service-Based Authorizations
  • Lab and Radiology Orders




Ditch the prior auth headache. Contact AuthNet to request a FREE ROI ANALYSIS and to learn more about our services.