Pre-Authorizations are Demanding, Challenging, and Expensive

Medical prior authorization is one of the most difficult tasks that a medical practice must take on. It’s a laborious, challenging, and expensive process because it consumes so much of your office’s time and resources. Because of this, many medical practices decide to outsource the work to an experienced medical billing company like AuthNet, LLC. Outsourcing comes with incredible advantages; it saves you time and money, eliminates much of the burden in your administrative team, and reduces the risk of a medical records review which has the potential to essentially halt your revenue stream.

If you are considering outsourcing your precerts to a company with experienced prior authorization specialists, we encourage to to take a moment to better familiarize yourself with AuthNet’s medical prior authorization services and how we can assist with your goals


Patients, Not Paperwork

When fewer of your internal resources are focused on medical prior authorizations, this frees you to spend more time doing what you and your staff do best – delivering exceptional patient experiences.


Reduce Billing Errors

AuthNet’s prior authorization specialists are trained and equipped with the knowledge that they need to get the right authorizations for your practice, helping to reduce rejected claims and increase reimbursements.


Save More Money

Outsourcing medical prior authorizations can actually save your practice money. Less overhead, less ongoing training, and fewer resources tied up in administrative processes.


Take Back Time

Fewer patients showing up for appointments without authorizations means a more manageable schedule, improved access to timely care, and betterutilized staff hours.


Improve Patient Experience

Lessened administrative burdens mean more time to greet patients when they walk through the door or answer their questions on the phone — and delivering the care your patients know and trust.


Ensure Billing Compliance

It’s a full-time job to keep up with the changes in Medicare, Medicaid, and third-party payers. But AuthNet has made it our job to stay on top of those changes for you, so that you remain in compliance without worry.


Grow the Bottom Line

Efficient and accurate prior authorization processes do more than reduce costs; they improve payment cycles and reimbursements, all resulting in a healthier bottom line.

Insurance Prior Authorization Services

So how do you enjoy these benefits? The simple answer is a combination of AuthNet’s insurance authorization software and our well-trained team of precert specialists. The longer answer isn’t much more complicated, either.

To begin with, our prior authorization software provides an easy to use platform in which to collect all of the demographic information, diagnoses, test results, and other information you need to have for each patient. Like any good medical revenue cycle management system, our software connects to a secure portal so you can remain HIPAA compliant and keep each patient’s information well-protected. But what good is protection if you can’t actually use the information you need? Our prior authorization portal collects a patient’s information so you can see all the details you need as well as where we are in the authorization process.


Our Pre-Certification Process

The initial step should be one your staff already take daily. Start by entering the appropriate patient information into the insurance authorization software. This shouldn’t bring about any major shifts in processes since your intake staff already collect and record all the pertinent information for each patient.

Next, share the patient’s information, diagnosis, and fee codes through the secure portal. This will start the precert process, and one of our knowledgeable staff will take over managing the process from start to finish. If the patient’s insurance provider needs additional information or needs to speak with a physician at your practice, we’ll be sure to keep you informed to keep the process moving forward.

Once approval is acquired, we’ll complete any action items and handle the data entry through a secure, remote connection to the insurance precertification software portal. If the request isn’t approved, we’ll handle the follow-up and appeals.

Want to experience the ease and benefits for yourself? Connect with the AuthNet team for a demo of our insurance authorization software today!