How Precertification Benefits You And Your Patients

The Ins and Outs of Precertification

Those in the medical profession understand the importance of ensuring that each patient’s needs are met and met within a timeframe that allows for the most beneficial treatment and healing time for them. However, patients’ needs extend well beyond the quality healthcare services they receive from your healthcare center, hospital, or private practice; patients’ insurance and medical billing information is of the utmost importance when it comes to providing optimal healthcare services, whether the patient is in for a routine visit or is requiring emergency surgery. Whatever the patients’ needs, your healthcare services are their lifeline. Ensuring that these patients receive not only excellent healthcare services but equally excellent insurance authorization services requires time, dedication, and focus. While you and your team are dedicated to providing these services, sometimes insurance matters can pile up, straining precious resources. Auth-Net is here to help. Continue reading to learn how Auth-Net’s precertification services can benefit you and your patients.

Why Precertification is Important

There are myriad reasons why offering precertification services benefit you and your patients but ultimately, medical precertification allows you and your staff to provide your quality medical services without the additional stress of being bogged down by numerous precertification inquiries. Additionally, precertification determines if a patient’s medical procedure is necessary and meets the qualifications of their insurance plan. Further, precertification ensures that unnecessary out-of-pocket expenses are avoided. Often, precertifications save both you and your patient’s time and money by finely combing through insurance plans to get the most accurate understanding of the plan as possible. Finally, precertification ensures that patients receive the medical professional best suited for their condition. This means no chance of a patient finding their way into your office who could best benefit from another medical professional.

Is Precertification Necessary?

While you certainly have the option of forgoing precertification services with Auth-net, we can’t stress enough the benefits associated with choosing these services. With the tumultuous insurance landscape across the States, there’s never been a better time to outsource your insurance needs. Confusion, frustration, and overall headaches are not uncommon when patients come through your door with new, updated, or plans that require substantial amounts of time over which to pore. When you choose Auth-net for your precertification services, you’re choosing to let dedicated professionals with a keen eye and mind of the current insurance landscape handle your most pressing insurance inquiries.

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Let Auth-Net Work For You And Your Patients

By trusting Auth-Net with your precertification services, you’re allowing professionals to assist you and your private practice, hospital, or healthcare center by not only providing quality precertification services, but also ensuring your valuable time is spent serving those who need it most. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about any of the services provided by Auth-Net, or are curious as to how Auth-Net can help you and your patients, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today to learn more.