The Importance of Optimized Medical Billing

Save Time, Energy, and Money

Efficient time management is an integral part of getting the most out of our days, and better preparing for the days and tasks to come. Accordingly, optimal time management is crucial when performing medical billing tasks. AuthNet understands that there exists a myriad of tasks associated with medical billing and recognizes that many of these tasks hinder professionals’ ability to provide extraordinary patient services. Moreover, when you and/or your staff are free from dedicating hours to medical prior authorizations, you’re then free to dedicate more time to your patients. Curious about how AuthNet can provide you and your medical practice with the finest prior authorization services available? Continue reading to learn more, or check out the services we proudly offer.

The AuthNet Difference

Insurance precertification is often a laborious and cumbersome process that eats our time before we notice. However, AuthNet provides clients with outstanding prior authorization services, in turn affording you and your staff the freedom to pursue other pressing tasks and to provide the utmost in patient care. When you choose AuthNet for all of your prior authorization processes, you’re also selecting the finest in client-focused insurance precertification; AuthNet works closely with clients to better understand their needs, goals, and concerns in order to provide clients with the timeliest, most reliable medical preauthorization available. After an initial conversation and/or meeting, AuthNet provides you and your staff with patient detail verification processes, including:

  • Which type of plan or policy a patient possesses,
  • Dates on which the policy is effective and is scheduled to terminate,
  • Employer information
  • Whether a deductible is in- or out-of-network and expenses due out of pocket
  • Any plan limitations or exclusions
  • Benefit coordination

Once each step of the precertification and verification process has been completed, AuthNet provides this information to clients, allowing for streamlined and optimized medical billing and patient preauthorization services, prior to your patients’ appointments. Having the information compiled for you and your staff prior to a patient’s arrival affords more time for staff to complete other immediate, patient-focused tasks. In short, relying on AuthNet for all of your medical prior authorization takes the stress and hassle out of cumbersome (albeit imperative) prior authorization process and frees you and your staff to provide the best patient experience possible.

Why AuthNet is Right For You

We at AuthNet understand that the precertification process can take up more of your time than you feel necessary for providing quality patient care. That’s why when you outsource your prior authorization processes with AuthNet, you’re not only reducing internal paperwork and saving money, but also reducing billing errors, ensuring billing compliance, and — most importantly — offering your patients the best medical care available. Quite simply, we’re confident that AuthNet’s array of quality insurance precertification processes will afford you and your medical practice a more streamlined and efficient medical billing process. Questions about how AuthNet can work for you and all of your precertification needs? Don’t hesitate to get in touch today, and to experience the AuthNet difference.